Why Recycling Electronics With ECER Inc. Is The Right Thing To Do


With growing environmental concerns & the advancement of new technology, the need to recycle old electronics becomes of ever increasing importance. However, while rates of recycling equipment has been on a steady incline, there is still a startling amount of material around the country that is instead sent to a landfill illegally or taking up space in an attic or basement when it can be repurposed & used for many essential, practical household items. East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) examines the root problems, and looks to provide a consistent solution.

East Coast Electronics Recycling Examines The Dangers Of Sending Electronics To A Landfill

Why Are Recycling Rates So Low?

A lot of it has to do with a belief that the process is expensive: in actuality, it’s quite cost effective and alleviates the burden of having to mine for new material. Another issue is that many just leave an obsolete item in their attic or basement: recycling is the better option for the reasons listed above and the benefit of additional storage space in their homes. In addition, COVID-19 has presented a number of environmental hazards which include a lot of recycling centers being shut down entirely (either on a temporary or a permanent basis), which leaves many to their own devices when it comes to the handling of obsolete equipment. Fortunately, there is a time-tested solution for New England’s electronics recycling needs: ECER Inc. has been in business for 20 years and has remained operational throughout the pandemic.

Always concerned with good stewardship of the environment, a representative from ECER Inc. stated “Taking your old items to our facility will ensure that your data stored on hard drives will be properly destroyed, and that the vital resources will go on to receive a second life. Our ability to melt down metals means that there will be far less of a need to mine for new materials. It’s really a win-win for all of us.”.

The Dangers Of Sending Electronics To A Landfill

There are serious laws with potential consequences regarding electronics recycling in your state, and for good reason. Perhaps the most important one is this: your various devices can often contain metals such as lead, mercury, chromium & cadmium (among others) that can be carcinogenic and harmful in other ways to all forms of life. Furthermore, sending material to landfills is illegal because there’s no assurance that they can prevent contaminants from leaching into soil & public water streams. In addition, put this into perspective: many electronics have plastic exteriors, and they can take in excess of 400 years to fully decompose. This further underscores the need to bring your material to a credible, experienced recycler like ECER Inc. to reduce the damage that is being done to our planet.

E-Waste Recycling Solutions

Whether you run a large business or represent a municipality, ECER Inc.’s sturdy electronics containers can help you collect & store all plug or battery operated items. It’s a safe, simple solution that takes the grunt work out of the process: no wrapping or palletizing required. Just stack your computers, TVs, printers and more inside our container, reach out to ECER’s friendly customer service team once it’s full, and they will be there to haul it away and drop off an empty one for you. If you collect a smaller amount of material, don’t fret: ECER’s live load service can provide you with the same quick, trustworthy service to take away your old equipment while ensuring proper recycling & secure data destruction.

At ECER Inc., your peace of mind is paramount, which is why we are committed to ensuring that anything stored on your hard drives never ends up where it doesn’t belong. The material we take in has data go through secure wiping, degaussing, or a physical shredding of the drives: whatever it will take to verify that anything stored on them has been destroyed, and that there is no way that they can possibly be reassembled. And to exemplify good stewardship of our planet, ECER Inc. takes any shredded equipment, sorts it with metals, glass & plastic for reuse in new materials, thus reducing the need to mine the earth for these items.

ECER Inc. has been serving the greater New England region’s needs for electronics recycling, data destruction & asset management since 2001. To obtain a quote for their services, visit them on the web.



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