The Importance Of IT Asset Disposal

Demonstrability — Process Documentation

For the purpose of auditing, it is essential to have defined processes to display discipline, due diligence, and standard practices in how IT assets are handled & data destroyed. Documentation (i.e. certificates of data destruction or inventory reports) provides evidence that these processes were observed & information was sufficiently deleted/destroyed.

Work Statement — Defining How Equipment Is Processed

When a new vendor is onboarded, vendors are recommended to provide a written statement of work (SOW) which often details how equipment is processed. It is suggested that typically, this can be an integral part of any audit at the corporate level, as it exemplifies the use of a vendor that operates in a reliable, systematic, and predictable manner.

Transparency — Ensuring Accountability Of The Process

When your processes are clearly documented, e-waste recycling experts stress the importance of ensuring accountability of what has been done and having an understanding of how it will be managed. A vendor like ECER Inc. which emphasizes complete transparency is recommended for reliable asset disposal services.



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