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4 min readFeb 22, 2021

Spring is just around the corner, and it is time for companies in the Northeastern United States to begin thinking about electronics recycling. During the winter, your company may have upgraded its computer equipment, leaving a large number of machines that need to be destroyed or recycled. Planning a community recycling event is a great way to get these items out of the waste stream and recycle them responsibly.

East Coast Electronics Recycling wants to help your company dispose of its old computers and other electronic items in a responsible way. ECER Inc. is capable of recycling old machines and making sure that your proprietary data stays safe and secure.

E-Waste Recycling Statistics

Sadly, the recycling statistics for e-waste are quite low. Only 12.5 percent of all e-waste generated worldwide is recycled. This means that machines are left to deteriorate in landfills or burned in incinerators.

Why Does E-Waste Need to be Recycled?

Old computers and other types of e-waste can damage the environment. Heavy metals and other pollutants that are part of the devices’ components can cause environmental pollution that damages the air, water, and earth.

In addition to the environmental damage that could result, old electronics need to be handled with care because they contain proprietary data. Companies of all kinds, along with community organizations like schools and hospitals, need to be sure that their data is kept secure. Leaving old electronics in a non-secured location is equivalent to distributing it to individuals that may have the intention of using the data improperly.

How E-Waste is Recycled

The first step that is taken when e-waste is recycled is making sure that any data present is permanently removed. ECER Inc. follows extensive data destruction protocols to make sure that your data can never be accessed again.

Next, any reusable components are removed from the computer. LED screens are one item that is easily recyclable and in demand on the second-hand market.

All metals (including both precious & non-ferrous metals) also need to be removed from the computer. These metals make it possible for the computer and its internal components to work, and they have a significant economic impact. In addition, heavy metals like lead, mercury, and antimony are polluting.

Any items that cannot be reused or recycled are safely broken down into parts that can be put into the regular waste stream, while materials to be recycled are sold to other companies. The financial impact of recycling e-waste can be significant when there are enough machines involved.

Setting Up a Collection Event

Setting up a collection event through ECER Inc. is easy. The company will bring trucks, personnel, and logistical equipment to your site and set it up for a successful event. Companies can invite their employees or the community at large to recycle their computers and other electronics. When a community event is held, it is a good idea to advertise it online and through social media.

Recycling events help the community because they enable residents to clear out their storage space and make sure that they have no hazardous materials in their homes. Community members are often grateful to have the ability to recycle their materials, leading to a goodwill boost for the company running the electronics recycling event.

Being Responsible for Data and the Environment

Companies that responsibly recycle their computer equipment are doing their part for the environment as well as protecting their own data. Exposed data can also be used to harm customers, students, and patients through identity theft. When all the facts are assembled, it makes sense for e-waste to be recycled securely.

Ensuring that the Community Recycles

Companies that hold electronics recycling events are doing their part for the environment while helping to rid their workspaces of unusable machines.

The importance of recycling e-waste cannot be overstated. Putting e-waste materials in the trash is not only irresponsible — it’s also illegal. Removing these items from the waste stream is the responsible thing to do.

Computer recycling events are a great way to bring the entire community together. Employees and community residents appreciate the opportunity to recycle their old computers and other electronics in a responsible fashion.

Running an Effective Recycling Event

When your company contracts with the company to hold a computer recycling event, you can be assured that all of the machines will be handled with care. Professional staff members will be on hand to make sure that the items are taken care of and that there are proper records kept of what is being recycled.

It is easier than ever to hold an electronics recycling event. This spring, your company may want to take advantage of ECER’s services and hold an event of its own. The process is easier than you would expect, and it produces great results for your company, for the community, and for the environment.



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