ECER Inc. Shares How to Hold a Computer Recycling Event

E-Waste Recycling Statistics

Sadly, the recycling statistics for e-waste are quite low. Only 12.5 percent of all e-waste generated worldwide is recycled. This means that machines are left to deteriorate in landfills or burned in incinerators.

Why Does E-Waste Need to be Recycled?

Old computers and other types of e-waste can damage the environment. Heavy metals and other pollutants that are part of the devices’ components can cause environmental pollution that damages the air, water, and earth.

How E-Waste is Recycled

The first step that is taken when e-waste is recycled is making sure that any data present is permanently removed. ECER Inc. follows extensive data destruction protocols to make sure that your data can never be accessed again.

Setting Up a Collection Event

Being Responsible for Data and the Environment

Companies that responsibly recycle their computer equipment are doing their part for the environment as well as protecting their own data. Exposed data can also be used to harm customers, students, and patients through identity theft. When all the facts are assembled, it makes sense for e-waste to be recycled securely.

Ensuring that the Community Recycles

Companies that hold electronics recycling events are doing their part for the environment while helping to rid their workspaces of unusable machines.

Running an Effective Recycling Event

When your company contracts with the company to hold a computer recycling event, you can be assured that all of the machines will be handled with care. Professional staff members will be on hand to make sure that the items are taken care of and that there are proper records kept of what is being recycled.



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