ECER Inc. Explains Why Computer Recycling Is Important For Every Type Of Business

What are the Risks Associated with Poor Disposal?

Many companies may neglect the proper disposal of their computers and other electronic equipment like smartphones and thumb drives. Simply throwing an unusable piece of electronics into the trash contaminates the waste stream and causes hazardous conditions for trash and recycling workers.

Properly Wiping Hard Drives

Before giving your products to the computer recycling company to be disposed of, it is very important that you backup your data. Once the company has removed the data from the old machines, it will be impossible to access it in the future. Old customer records, databases, and documents may be useful to your company in the future. Back them up on secure hard drives and keep them safely at your facility.

Recycling Components

After the data has been destroyed, there are a great many applications for your recycled computer equipment. Each year, only about 20 percent of all e-waste is recycled, so you will be contributing to the health of the planet by recycling yours.

Recycling Laws

Companies should also be aware that there are state laws governing what must be recycled. For example, in Massachusetts where East Coast Electronics Recycling is located, all electronic waste must be disposed of properly. Any material containing heavy metal such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc. must not be put into the regular waste stream. Other states like California have more stringent rules as well as limiting the hazardous materials that can be included in products for sale.

Properly Recycling Your Computers

When working with old electronics, it is highly important to make sure they are recycled properly. ECER is ready to help your company take care of its electronic waste and make sure that it does not damage your data security, the environment, or human health. Being conscientious about e-waste disposal will help not only the environment, but also your bottom line.



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East Coast Electronics Recycling

East Coast Electronics Recycling

ECER Inc. is an advanced electronics recycling company based in Shirley, MA and serves customers throughout the New England region.