ECER Inc. Explains the Best Way to Manage Your e-Waste


ECER Inc. Explains the Best Way to Manage Your e-Waste

When companies want to upgrade or replace their old computer equipment, they may be confused about how they should dispose of these items. Computer monitors and other hardware should be disposed of properly in order to protect data security and the environment.

East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) explains the best way to manage your e-waste and what criteria you should consider when choosing a company to perform your computer recycling.

What is E-waste?

E-waste is any form of computer or electronic equipment that has passed its useful lifespan. The products may be working or non-functional. E-waste contains dangerous and toxic substances as well as the potential for data breaches. This is why these items must be carefully disposed of.

The first method of dealing with e-waste is to reuse it. After the data has been completely wiped, it is possible to donate used computer equipment to schools, churches, and homeless shelters that need to have computer access to complete their community-based actions.

Reusing the product is the primary goal of electronics recycling companies

Reusing the product is the primary goal of electronics recycling companies like ECER, but companies need to be absolutely sure that all of their proprietary data is removed from the machine before it is donated. A simple hard drive erasure is generally not enough; the drive must be wiped using special methods.

Recycling the equipment is the next best solution. There are many useful components in a modern computer or smartphone, such as the screen or the precious metals in the circuit board. E-waste recycling programs make sure that usable materials are removed before the device is destroyed.

Destruction is the last option when it comes to e-waste. Some companies have robust destruction techniques that involve large industrial shredders to completely remove the possibility of accessing data in the future. When this material is produced, it needs to be carefully disposed of to avoid contaminating the environment and compromising the health of recycling workers who deal with the items.

Unfortunately, less than 20 percent of the millions of tons of e-waste generated in the world each year is properly disposed of. Companies that want to protect the planet’s health, as well as their company’s information security, should deal with an experienced e-waste recycler.

Searching for an Electronics Recycling Company

When you are looking for a company to help you dispose of your e-waste safely, there are many factors that you should take into consideration. These include the company’s certifications, their level of experience, and the security of their process. An inexperienced recycler could make mistakes that expose a company’s data to bad actors, causing financial and personal data loss.

A qualified computer recycling provider like ECER Inc. will be able to provide a clear roadmap of exactly what they will do with your equipment upon receipt. They should have contractors lined up to perform the later stages of equipment disposal if necessary.

Access Testimonials

A quality computer recycling company should have testimonials from their clients. These testimonies can give you a good idea of what level of service you can expect and whether the company’s actions met other companies’ expectations. Testimonials can be an important aspect of distinguishing a great recycler from a lackluster one.

Level of Experience

Ideally, choose an electronics recycler that has been in business for a number of years. This means that the recycler will be ready to deal with any issues that may arise during the process and that they have extensive professional contacts to help them further downstream.


Computer equipment needs to be kept in a secure location before the data is wiped. A good electronics recycler will have extra security on their storage areas, whether this involves security personnel patrolling the area or a monitored camera system.

Finding a Trusted Partner

When looking into hiring a computer recycling firm, these factors should be taken into consideration. A quality recycling firm like East Coast Electronics Recycling is prepared to help you reuse, recycle, or dispose of your old equipment depending on its age and condition.



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